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Styrofoam artwork,             murals & More...

E&E DESIGN is a young company with a vision. Our references, speak for themselves. We go to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. Our vision is to provide the very best of quality & service to meet or exceed our customer's needs. We would also like to be an inspiration to people.


We do offer textile artwork, mural artwork, photo backdrops and photo props, styrofoam artwork such as lettering design, signs, figures & sculptures, traditional art, fan art and many more. All our products are customized and handmade.

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E&E DESIGN was officially founded by Elvis & Eva in October 2012. As a small business, E&E DESIGN has been a dream come true for both artists. The business is currently located in Trier (Germany) but Spangdahlem Air Base with its facilities and annual events is still one of the main customers.


Over the past five years we have successfully run and operated our company almost entirely as an online business. Thanks to the advances in technology, we have been able to successfully take most orders via Facebook or E-Mail. 

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